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I forgot my prescription glasses at home this morning, so my world was a blurred picture in front of me. I suffered form the trouble of not being able to see clearly what’s on the blackboard. This is not the first time that I have left my prescription glasses somewhere and tried to recognize what or who is in the distance. It is really troublesome to bring eyeglasses all the time since I usually do not wear eyeglasses when I am on the way to school or other places but I would need the when I need to look at the blackboard or the computer screens. It will be great of I can have one pair of eyeglasses at home and another pair in school.

In order to avoid the trouble of this morning happened again, I decided to buy a pair of discount eyeglasses online. But let’s face the reality that prescription glasses are usually marked rather high in local optical stores so much so that it seems not possible to have two or more pairs at the same time. However, as advanced network and delivery methods made it popular to buying products online, we can now have more approaches to prescription eyeglasses rather than the real optical retailers. And it is widely acknowledged that products in the online stores are usually cheaper than those in real stores, and eyeglasses are no exceptions.

I got online and browsed the websites to look for a pair of wonderful and fashionable eyeglasses at reasonable price. To my surprise, it popped out so many fabulous eyeglasses at rather low prices that I did spend quite some time to pick out the eyeglasses I like. But there came another problem. Both the two pairs are great and I cannot make a choice between them. One pair was a plastic one in the shape of rectangle, giving a feeling of youth and energy while the other pair was a rimless one which was extremely fashionable. Then it suddenly occurred to me that at such low prices I can take them both, and thus I did later.

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