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About us
Cheapprescriptionglasses.net as developed from a manufacturer of optical products more than 20 years. We did volumes of research in the market, and find that more and more people need to wear glasses . High quality prescription eyeglasses with a lower price online must be a welcome method.

We use high quality glasses frames and lenses brought from the factory directly to you and because of our high volume, now, we can offer them at a higher discount via the Internet. We have a large team of well trained specialists who can not only help you with your order but also look after you throughout the life of your glasses. They can advise on everything from lens materials to coatings to fitting. The steep discount is passed on to you, the general public. why not give us a quick call and ask us a question?
The lenses we offer
We use top quality lenses, such as single vision lenses , bifocal lenses, progressive lenses, etc. All of our lenses completely are the lightest, most impact-resistant material made. And these prescription lenses come with UV400 treatment and Scratch Resistant Coating Free of Charge.

The frames we offer
We carry all the latest material and style of the optical industry. Our frames include metal frame, plastic frame, bendable frame and titanium frames, Style wise, we have rimless eyeglasses, full rim eyeglasses and semi-rimless eyeglasses. There must be a frame you’d like to choose from.