Tips For Buying Womens And Mens Eyeglasses Frames

Women are extremely more particular about fashion and style in their eyewear than men. While women are more interested in style, men are more concerned with the comfort, fit and durability of their eyewear. Looking for that perfect set of eyeglasses frames but have questions about how to go about choosing them and what they should reasonably cost? Following are some valuable tips on how to choose the right style of eyewear for you.

When choosing eyeglasses, you should firstly pick out that the frame should enhance the shape and features of your face. Before trying on a pair of eyeglasses, determine the overall shape of your face and find the most flattering frames to your face.

You should be sensible when you are choosing the color of your eyeglass frames to in coordination with skin tone and hair color. Cool complexions have blue or pink undertones. Warm complexions have a yellow cast. You can choose a eyeglass frame color to repeat your best feature such as blue eyeware frames for blue eyes too. Choose eyeglass frame colors by going with skin tones first. Then see how the eyewear frame goes with eye color and hair color.

Make sure the frames are wide enough for your face. This will prevent the temple arms from pressing on the side of your head. The glasses you choose should have temple arms that are the right size for your face. The optician can reshape the curve that goes over your ear so it doesn’t press on it, but you need to make sure that the temples are the right length to begin with. Certain styles of eyewear can be ordered in various temple arm lengths, so ask your optician.

Choose eyewear with a comfortable nose-piece. Try the glasses on and then move your head up and down. Bend over as if you are picking up something from the floor to see how well the glasses stay in place. When nose pads and temple arms are adjusted correctly, the glasses should stay in place without pressing on your face or the bridge of your nose.

Extra-durable glasses are made of titanium and stainless steel, which are stronger than other metal frames, or of flexible materials, such as Flexon, which will automatically return to its original shape even if it was bent, twisted or crushed.