Stories behind the reading glasses

It took me a long time to travel home after three years. Mother was reading the newspaper on the carpet and my father is doing some fixing work. It was the peaceful picture that occurred in my mind for many times. I am an office lady in the foreign company far away from home. My work is busy and bland. So homesick am I that I ask for a leave to enjoy a short vacation with my parents.

The last time I spent with them was on the Christmas three years ago. At that time I have just graduated from the college and got the job. I can still remember it was the first time that I had received wages. With great joy, I want to buy something for my parents. It was a coincidence when I found that there are cheap eyeglasses sold online during that festival. I decided to take a risk to find something suitable for my parents, especially some reading glasses. Obviously, people who in their age have some difficulty in reading and doing something calling for accuracy.

At that time I have bought many things online while I still knew nothing about the reading glasses. I saw many eyeglasses in different materials such as mental, plastic and so on. However, the shop keeper advised me that I had better choose the plastic ones for my parents. For it is easy for them to make mistakes. According to his advices, I choose the eyeglasses of plastic full frames. When it comes to the color, I felt trapped because I didn’t know the color they were in favor of. I did not tend to ask them because I wanted to keep it a secret for surprise. So I choose the eyeglasses in the color of brown and black. Maybe the dark colors may fit for them better.
I can still remember the day when the express company sent the reading glasses I have ordered. To make it a big surprise, I ask the shop keeper to put a card in the package writing that for the ones I am in love with. It was really a privilege to see the expressions of my parents when they were reading the card. Even if three days later, I can still read from their faces that they are moved at that time.

Maybe one day when I click into the again on the Christmas, I can find some clues of them. But now, I just want to go home quickly and say hello to them. I think they will take off the eyeglasses and hug me.