Some common knowledge about eyes and prescription glasses

1) Is it harmful that people who are myopic but they don’t wear prescription glasses?
People who are nearsightedness but they don’t wear eyeglasses just like the people who are ill but without injection and medicine. Wearing eyeglasses can not only protect and increase the vision, but also is convenient for learning and life.
2) Does slight myopia have to wear glasses?

People can wear my glasses when their eyes’ degree gets to 0.50. Most people advocate that if you mainly see far objects, you’d better wear spectacles for long sight; if you mainly see the near things, you’d better wear spectacles for near sight. Using different eyeglasses according the distance can give our eyes more protection and care.

3) What is astigmatism?
Astigmatism is you can’t see the objects clearly no matter you look them close or far. When you see the far objects, you will see some light ring around the objects. At the same time, we can explain it like this: actually on the graph, each line’s size is the same. However, in your eyes, they are different. This means you have astigmatism. Astigmatism is a kind of unsymmetry in our eyes’ refractive system.

4) Why binocular vision is different?
It’s common and normal phenomenon that binocular vision is not equal. You don’t have to worry about it. There are many reasons can cause two eyes’ degrees are different. For example, reading habits and incorrect reading posture will make two eyes’ eyesight are different. If gap of two eyes’ eyesight is too huge, you should pay attention to it and go to professional eyeglasses stores or hospitals.

5) Why the myopic degree will deepen?
One reason is the pathology reason. It is the lesions happen in the eyes’ interior. Its expressions are myopic degree is deepening and increase for quickly. Another reason is persons’ habits of using eyes. If people do not pay attention to the health problems and the habits of using eyes, the myopic degree will deepen. For instance, the desk lamp’s light is too strong or too dark; the time of using eyes is too long and so on. The third reason is the prescription eyeglasses aren’t suitable. Once you found you can’t see the distant objects even you wear glasses, you should go to the professional eyeglasses stores or hospitals, replace lenses or glasses, and check regularly. I think this is a good choice: