Plan to buy a new pair of kid’s glasses

I am not sure whether online shopping for a pair of kids glasses is as reliable as one of my friends describes. I plan to buy a new pair of glasses for my son who has been a glasses wearer for several years. His first glasses are bought by his father and he is very excited to give my husband a big hug with deep love. This time I think I need to buy a new pair since the old style is out of date and does not suit him anymore. My son sometimes feels very tired after wearing the glasses for a whole day. So I want to buy one that can make him comfortable. Another requirement is that the glasses must be durable because my son is a naughty boy who loves sports so much and I don’t want to see the glasses are too delicate. I hope the glasses can have a spring there to connect the tips of the two temple arms which can be used to warp around the head to protect the glasses from dropping down from the face. I think it is safer when the boy is running or playing.

However, I know that although my son is too young to really understand what fashion means, he has his own taste and he wants to make a decision on his own. Sometimes I even criticize him of his being fussy about clothes or other ornamentations. He wants to be different from his counterparts and he simply regards it as a symbol of personal characteristics. Although I have my own preference, I still want to respect his choice. Just like my selection of kid’s glasses on the Internet, I ask him to see whether there is a type of glasses that meet his requirements and take his fancy. He is also happy to see my showing respect to his idea.

I choose the store of and it also wins the boy’s support. On the site, we find there is a fashionable light plastic frame especially made for children. The glasses seem to stir up the boy’s interest and I also regard it as a good choice. I make inquiry with the service personnel for more details that I concern and after making sure of everything, I believe it is really a nice choice. The boy plays the virtual fitting room and finally I place the order.