My experience of buying eyeglasses online

As an office lady who works in a computer software company, I have to spend long time sitting in front of the computer. As we know, the radiation from the computer screen is really harmful to the eye. Unfortunately, recently I find my eyesight is getting worse and worse. I even could not see the traffic lights in cloudy days. I consulted with my eye doctor, and he advised me match a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I hate wearing eyeglasses, especially prescription eyeglasses, because they are uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear, and more important, I think it looks like a bookworm when wearing a thick pair of glasses. What it more, I think the eyeglasses frame is block the beautiful eyes and eyebrows.

But I have no ways but to listen to the advice of my doctor, since wearing eyeglasses is the most safe and healthy way to correct eyesight. Though I am busy with work, I spared a whole afternoon visiting some local optical stores. However, I found the prices of prescription eyeglasses sold in local stores are much higher than I expected, and the styles are out of fashion. I could not find a pair of eyeglasses that is both cheap and fashionable. I went back home with empty hands. My friend suggested me try buy one from online stores.

But do online optical stores reliable? This is the most important concern. My friend told me that the online optical stores are just the same with those of local shops, but since they don’t need to pay the house rents and other overhead, their prices are cheaper. She recommended me an online store from which she had bought three pairs of prescription glasses which satisfied her very much. The web address of that store is I followed the advice of my friend, and the online store did not let me down. It provides with a much larger choices for any kinds of eyeglasses, and the prices are nearly 70% cheaper, and the styles of eyeglasses are up to the fashion! Finally I chose a pair of titanium semi-rim glasses at the price of $35.95. When I received the delivery, I found it really perfect and suit me well! On wearing it, it even improves my appearance to a large extent! All my colleagues say that I look more decent than before. How happy I am!