Latest prescription glasses frames considerations for men and women

It seems that choosing an appropriate frame for people who wear prescription glasses to correct their eye problem (such as far-sight, near-sight, astigmatism or even the prism correction) has become a very important factor to improve their whole appearance.

And in today’s prescription glasses market, according to the frame structure of these eyeglasses, the frames can mainly be classified into three kinds: full-rim, semi-rim and rimless. With the badly demand for comfort and lightweight for the prescription glasses, the rimless frames has gain great popularity among men and women prescription glasses wearers. Different from other prescription glasses frames, rimless frames are always considered as non-frame since they are only consist of the lenses themselves, the nose piece, some other very thin support arms and nothing more. Beyond that, wearing one pair of prescription glasses with such rimless frames can make you more natural since they cover less part of your face compared with other type of eyeglasses frames.

Frame color, shape and size are also considerable factors to choose the latest frames for men and women. As is known to all that, men seems to have larger bone structure and heads compared with women. So the frame chosen for men’s prescription glasses tend to have a longer bridge as well as longer temple arms to accommodate for this change. When it comes to the shape for the prescription glasses frames, men prefer to choose square or rectangle type while women usually interest in rounder or oval options. And the current trends seem that both men and women are looking for angular type prescription eyeglasses frames. Women are always like to choose bright color for their prescription glasses while color for men’s frames are always go for in dark or neutral color such as brown, black and grey.

When choosing men or women’s latest frames, the weight is the most important things to consider. Among all the frame structure, rimless is the simplest while titanium is considered to be the lightest among all the frame materials. So the combination of the two -titanium rimless eyeglass frames which respect both the rimless design and the material’s natural features should be the perfect option for the men and women’s prescription glasses. is the emerging online optical store selling high quality prescription glasses wear including the designer prescription glasses frames. And if you wish, you will eventually get great satisfaction from there.