How to Wear Bifocal Eyeglasses?

What should you know before wearing bifocal glasses?

New wearer, especially people who have myopia of high strength, will have a feeling of swirling. It is common and the symptom will disappear if you insist on wearing them for 1 to 3 weeks. As we see, ordinary presbyopic glasses can also be worn while reading in small distance. They can’t be used to see the far scenery.

No matter what kind of glasses, they should be kept in clean conditions. They should be wiped with specific glasses cloth and avoid them being hit and rubbed. Keep the lenses upturn while put on desk.

How to use it ?
(1) See things in a distance: raise your head and in the horizontal line. Use the upper part of lens to look. (2) See things near you: keep your head an 45°angle of the horizontal line and make your eyeballs turn down. Use the lower part of the lens to look. If you still can’t see them clearly, turn your eyes or head lightly until you find an ideal area to look.
(1) Light headache, weaving while walk, please be careful while going up the stairs or doing sports. (2) Feeling of space has changed. The judgment of distance and depth may have changed. Please do not drive immediately. (3) Do not use to turn down the eyeballs when see near things. (4) The vision may be blurred when using the peripheral part of lens to see the circumjacent things. You are suggested to turn your head more and turn your eye balls less。

Be careful when do some activities
It is because the lens has a peripheral area that can’t see things clearly and the diopter is changing. The new wearers usually can’t adapt to this sudden change of space feeling and can’t judge the different feeling of distance of things. In this way, they usually need 1 – 2 month to adapt and adjust their feeling of space relations.

Don’t use it to watch TV
It is because the lower part of the lenses is using to see the near things. Just as the lower part are myopia glasses lens. You can’t watch TV which is usually 3 meters away clearly with them.