Help my sister buy a pair of kids prescription eyeglasses

When I am sitting in front of my computer, I suddenly scream. My sister runs to my room instantly and asks me what happens. I almost burst into tears. The electricity failure closes down my computer when I am doing my writing task. I just finish half of the writing without any preservation. My sister keeps giving comfort to me. Several minutes later, the electricity comes. But I am out of hope. I open the computer again and as I expect, I find what I have written totally disappears. At that moment, I have no inspiration and I’m unwilling to continue to do the work again. However, I can not find anything else to do and everything seems very boring. My sister wants to shift my attention and deliberately requires me to help her to buy a pair of kids prescription glasses through online shopping. In the first place, I have no intention to offer help because I am at the bottom of the sea.

I ask her to give up this idea and choose another day to make purchase. But my sister doesn’t agree and clicks the computer mouse herself. I notice that she is typing in some letters. Very soon, she is logging in an online glasses store and asks me to have a look at the eyeglasses on the site. I must admit the fact that the various eyeglasses with colorful images stir up my interest. I decide to break away from gloom and begin a pleasant experience of online shopping for a pair of kid’s prescription eyeglasses. My sister tells me that she longs for such a fashionable pair of eyeglasses for a long time and the website address of the online store is recommended by her classmate who has made purchases on the site.

I have worn eyeglasses for many years buy I never buy it from online stores. To be more exact, I do not know nowadays we are able to adopt this means to get what we need. Though I have no experience, I am an experienced online shopper for many other products. The purchasing process is not new to me. My sister is browsing the page site with extreme carefulness and she tells me that she can not make the final decision because the eyeglasses on are really attractive. I give my suggestions and help her find a pair that I think must best fit her at her age.

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