Fashionable men eyeglasses in my senior year of college

At the beginning of the senior year of my college life, I felt much more pressure come from all direction. Not only my parents but also myself wanted to find a good job, upon which I can make a living after graduation. However, looking into the mirror, I found myself in a student-like appearance. I remembered one of my senior classmates told me that the appearance was very important in the job interview. Trying to find a satisfying job, I decided to change my dresses. Naturally, the men eyeglasses which have accompanied me for more than three years should bear the brunt of change.

Before hanging out for a pair of suitable mens eyeglasses, I told myself that I should find out the most fashionable style online. This was the reason why I finally chose to order the eyeglasses online. Firstly I searched for some skills of dressing when heading to a job interview. I paid special attention to the rules of men eyeglasses. One line interested me. It said the eyeglasses should not be much too outgoing, which will leave a bad impression. Another tip it has taught me is that, the color of the eyeglasses must fit for your skin color and the outline of your face. It was all by chance that most of the information came from the same person. I got in touch with him to ask for more. He told me that he learned this from one optical online store and gave me the website.

I logged in the website. It was everything but disappointment. I was really shocked by so many items of almost all brands of eyeglasses ranged from men to women and even kids. Having got in touch with the service personnel, I told her the rough ideas about the men eyeglasses I want to buy. She then selected some of the elegant men eyeglasses for me. As she told me, one kind of the full frame men eyeglasses was well received by the white collars. It offered an impression of determination and serious attitude. It was the first time I had been told that the eyeglasses played such paramount role in life. I chose the one he advised most. The men eyeglasses came two weeks later with careful package. Wearing it, I felt more confident and comfortable than before. On the way to the job interview, I was just dreaming of the next fashionable men eyeglasses in the year to come. Maybe this time I would choose the colorful frames from to make myself more charming.