Eye Problems and Solutions

With more and more time have been spent on using eyes today, the number of eye diseases suffers increased quickly. Doing jobs under strong light, staying in front of computers all the time,etc, all such high pressure environment result in weakness of eyes. Eyes are the windows of your soul which have been tremendously effected by bad habit of using eyes as well as our living environment. The rate of myopia is increased among the juvenile every year. And the group of wearing eyeglasses is becoming bigger and bigger.

After so many years of research, it is discovered by experts that there are many factors resulting in shortsightedness. For instance, it mainly arise from heredity, environment and fatigue. At the moment, the most obvious factor is heredity because as static refers that a majority of wearers’ eye situation is similar to their parents’. But it is not said that if parents have worn eyeglasses, their kids are sure to wear glasses. About 46% of wearers have suffered from this case.

The other factor is environment, including nature environment and living environment. The rate of myopia between city habitant and country habitant is quite clear that more people wear eyeglasses in city than in countries. As the pace in big cities is faster, children have to spend more time on playing with high technical tools like computers which differs a lot with children who always play outside. On the other hand, our planet has been polluted by all kinds of sources. Fogs, polluted water and wasted are secretly influent our health, so as to do harm to our eyes. Some reports tell that eating too much sugars will bring myopia comes about. Moreover, bad habit of using eyes are closely relevant to myopia, such as the wrong gesture of reading books or writing.

Myopia suffers can easily been divided into two parts. The first one is wearing eyeglasses during puberty. When they are at about 11 or 12 years old, they become to squint to see things and wear eyeglasses. When their bodies are mature enough, diopters will not change any more.The other part is caused from eye diseases which is so complex to correct that they have to replace their glasses regularly in order to keep up with their eye needs. So a lot of them have to wear high index lenses.