Buy Good Prescription Sunglasses

Many myopic people like to wear sunglasses in order to let them look better, but how much do you know about prescription sunglasses?

According to the different preferences and different purposes, different people have dissimilar aesthetic attitude. But the most fundamental to choose sunglasses is to ensure the safety and the eyesight of wearers won’t damage, this is the basic principle. Reduce glare stimulation, ensure clear vision and not deformation, prevent UV, no distortion of color recognizing and identify traffic signals accurately should be the basic functions of sunglasses. If there is something wrong with the functions have mentioned above, the sunglasses won’t have any effect, and what is worse, the sunglasses will produce dizzy, eyes acid etc and sometimes can produce unresponsive, illusion of color divide and inequality sight on foot , it will cause accidents even. So when you are selecting sunglasses, especially prescription sunglasses, you can’t only emphasize the style and ignore its inner quality. Polarizing lens can protect people’s eyes from the damage of strong reflected light and can strengthen the visual contrast, especially when driving, polarizing lens can weaken the dazzling light and parasitic light.

Summer is the world of sunglasses, and people with eye disease choose to wear prescription glasses. Sunglass is fashionable, beautiful and radiation-proof, these functions let people like wearing sunglasses much more. However, experts point out, the choice of sunglasses should be very careful, sunglasses wearers can not only pay attention to style but ignore the quality of sunglasses. The following four unqualified sunglasses can’t wear:

1, Sunglasses which can’t prevent UV light are forbidden. Good sunglasses can block ultraviolet ray as much as more than 99%. Wearing sunglasses which the function of ultraviolet prevention is bad, the wearers’ will see like in a black room, and the pupils will greaten, the residual radiation will go into eyes and make human eyes injured.

2, Perspective rates of sunglasses are not the unqualified. With this kind of sunglasses will bring obstacle about the recognition of traffic signal, it is easy to cause traffic accident.

3, Sunglasses haven’t marked the logo category.

4, Requirements of combat performance haven’t reached the standard. The external shocks will easily make lens broken, the fragments would form lethal damage for man’s eyes.

The expert warns broad customer, should try to select high-quality polarizing glasses when you are buying sunglasses. Now, you must have learned how to select good sunglasses and prescription sunglasses.