My experience of buying eyeglasses online

As an office lady who works in a computer software company, I have to spend long time sitting in front of the computer. As we know, the radiation from the computer screen is really harmful to the eye. Unfortunately, recently I find my eyesight is getting worse and worse. I even could not see the traffic lights in cloudy days. I consulted with my eye doctor, and he advised me match a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I hate wearing eyeglasses, especially prescription eyeglasses, because they are uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear, and more important, I think it looks like a bookworm when wearing a thick pair of glasses. What it more, I think the eyeglasses frame is block the beautiful eyes and eyebrows. Continue reading “My experience of buying eyeglasses online”

An excited experience of buying prescription glasses online

I have suffered poor eye vision problems for many years, so prescription glasses has already become a necessity to help me seeing clearly in my daily life. In the past, the prescription glasses I bought from the local optical shop are always marked at high price. Nowadays, with the development of technology and internet shopping, many of my friends surrounding me have gradually shifted their attention to the online optical shop and most of them have commented favorably on those prescription glasses they bought. Continue reading “An excited experience of buying prescription glasses online”