An excited experience of buying prescription glasses online

I have suffered poor eye vision problems for many years, so prescription glasses has already become a necessity to help me seeing clearly in my daily life. In the past, the prescription glasses I bought from the local optical shop are always marked at high price. Nowadays, with the development of technology and internet shopping, many of my friends surrounding me have gradually shifted their attention to the online optical shop and most of them have commented favorably on those prescription glasses they bought.

As the current prescription glasses I wear can not work well for me, I decide to have a try to buy my new glasses online. After searching some information of the online stores, I eventually decide to buy from for the reason that it runs great reputation among the prescription glasses wearers. As soon as I opened the homepage of this company’s website, I felt so surprised at what I saw: There are almost thousand kinds of fashionable frame styles listed, and what is more worth mentioning is that the price sold for these prescription glasses are much cheaper than the one sold in the local optical shop.

Since this is my first time to buy prescription glasses from the online shop, I don’t know which frame can best suit me especially when facing so many options. Thanks to the company’s professional customer online support, when I told them that I am allergies on some metal things, they recommend me to choose titanium eyeglasses frames for the reason that such frame materials are hypoallergenic, non corrosive and will not react with our skin. Besides, (in order to make sure the frame I choose can fit my face well) they also suggest me to measure the frame dimension of my current prescription glasses and then pick up the one with the similar size. With their great help, finally I have selected satisfied frame model # NT2035 for my prescription glasses.

Yesterday my ordered prescription glasses has already arrived which only takes less than a week’s time. They are exactly the same as the picture illustrated on the website and I love it very much for both the accurate prescription applied on the lenses and the perfect assembling workmanship. To sum up, the prescription glasses I bought from the are 100% satisfied and I will definitely continue to do business with this company.